5 latest mobile app trends 2017 that will change the way you do business

IoT + Wearables Apps

Internet of Things and Wearables are not going away anywhere. From healthcare to education and smart homes to smart offices, IoT apps will gradually start getting mainstream in 2017. Though it might take some more time for IoT to take off, it is here to stay. Apple watch apps are already booming and will continue to see the light of the day. Moreover, Google has also released Android Things to increase IoT adoption. As we see an increase in demand for connected things, apps will be required for smart devices besides smart phones and developers will have to keep innovating to meet diverse needs.

Mobile Payments

Mobile commerce apps will continue to gather momentum in 2017 despite security remaining a concern. However, both Apple and Google, are committed to making security their top most priority in 2017. The m-commerce forecasts for 2017 are expected to be around $157 billion and will surpass $300 billion in 2020. [Source: emarketer]

On-Demand Apps

Just like Uber, there seems to be an upward trend for other on-demand services like laundry, haircuts, parking, takeaways etc. The on-demand economy will thrive in 2017 and so will the apps.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Apps

No matter how gimmicky these apps are, AR and VR apps will slowly invade more of our lives besides gaming. Real estate, fashion, retail etc. will see more AR apps being developed to woo customers. The demand for immersive experiences across many industries will see a jump.

Cloud based apps

Cloud technologies will be used more to develop apps that require integration with IoT, wearables, artificial intelligence etc. Time and again there is always a need to develop apps that need a lot of storage for seamless functioning. In such scenarios, developing cloud based apps are inevitable. Moreover, with cloud support, apps can function securely across multiple devices.

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