Top 10 Best Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

In the recent times, we have experienced amazing technological transformations. Who has thought that Smartphones will become a handy solution for anything and everything. Thanks to mobile technology, we can now stay connected with our family, friends and colleagues at work all the time. Messaging apps have taken communications and interactions to just another level. Not just sending free text messages, you can make voice calls, video calls, share pictures and videos with these messaging apps.
In this post, we have come up with the top 10 messaging apps that work on Android and iOS platforms. Have a look at these apps that make communications so comfortable.

Top 10 Messaging Apps for Android and iOS :

1. WhatsApp

Well, we all know about this messaging app. This is no doubt the widest used messaging app in the world and you don’t have to pay anything for it. It gives you all the comfort to send text messages, have a voice call or video call, send pictures, documents and even contacts. With its wonderfully expressive emoticons, and GIFs, you can have more impressive chat sessions with your friends and family. Allow the setting up the access to all your contacts to automatically add them to your contact list. The most important feature of this messaging app is that it is very much secure and ensures best of privacy. You can now set your status in the form of images that come with a self destruct feature.

2. Google Hangouts

This is another messaging app which comes with all Android smartphones. If you wish to use it on your iOS then it can only be used on your desktop or laptop. This is another way to chat with your friends and family members. All you need is a Google account and you are ready to chat, have video calls, share pictures, emoticons and GIFs. This is one of the oldest and quite popular messaging apps which can be used comfortably on mobile phones or on desktops.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a messaging app on Facebook which is another wonderful platform to chat. With ease of automatically populating the contacts, it helps you add or have someone else add you to the contact list with the help of a unique code. Not only chat, you can also have video call or voice call to friends anywhere on the globe. It comes with a unique feature called as Chat Heads. There is a chat icon floating on your screen. This app comes with amazing stickers and GIFs which come for free and make conversations more expressive.

4. Viber

This is another famous messaging app for Android and iOS. Enjoy free text messaging, send amazing emoticons and stickers to friends. It automatically adds the contacts on your phone and allows you to make video and voice calls. You can even share your pictures with friends. If you wish to make international or domestic calls, then Viber Out is the feature of this app that allows you to do so at very reasonable rates.

5. Line

This is another very widely used messaging app, mostly in Asia. Not only this app has all the features of the chat, it also comes with a timeline which allows you to post on your timeline and comment on the posts of your friends. This app is loaded with amazing features. You can make calls to landlines. You can also make free voice calls or video calls from Line to Line. Choose from an abundance of stickers to be more expressive. You can even follow your favorite artists on Line. Set up your albums and share with the ones you wish to. There is surely so much to do!!!

6. WeChat

This messaging app is very popular in China. You can use this app for Apple Watch and Android Wear. Using this app, you can enjoy easy chatting, sharing pictures, making video calls and voice calls. The features of this app include features that help you locate your friends in your proximity which make it so unique and entertaining.

7. Snapchat

In recent times, this messaging app has become extremely popular with younger generations. Not just chat, you can click amazing pictures using a wonderful set of filters. These filters add more fun to your click and you can also edit them by adding text or anything else. Share these pictures and videos that are self destruct. Every snap that you share with your friends disappears after a small time period.

8. KiK

This is yet another messaging app which doesn’t work on the contacts you have on your phone. You can add people to your messaging app by adding their usernames to the app. You can even form chat groups with 50 members. It lets you chat with your friends. You can share pictures, send amazing memes and GIFs to them. This is quite a simple IM app in which you can have control over the contacts on your app.

9. IM+

If you have accounts across all the services, then IM+ is the app that brings along amazing convenience. Using this messaging app, you can comfortably chat from different services on which you maintain your account. Add all the accounts you have on Google, Facebook, Live, Twitter, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and various others to IM+ and use it to chat across different platforms. This helps you aggregate all the old messaging apps in one and make chatting simpler and easier.

10. Signal

If you are very much concerned about security and privacy then Signal is the most suitable messaging app. This amazing app comes with the encryption of military standards. Therefore, all your messages and video calls are safe. You can send text messages, make voice calls, share media attachments using this app. This is surely the best pick for all those who give highest importance to security.

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