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Enterprise Resource Planning is software designed for business process management. And Customer Relationship Management is the set of practices and strategies that a company follows in order to manage and analyze interaction with customer. Therefore, CRM and ERP are both essential for the growth of the business. And once ERP and CRM Integration are achieved, a company is able to enjoy the best of the benefits of both worlds. ERP and CRM synergize to bring much better results.

With business processes getting more complicated and customers getting more demanding, ERP and CRM solutions need to be integrated. CRM and ERP Solutions together can improve the management and ensure success. ERP takes charge of all the back-end operations and CRM solutions take care of front office system, thereby managing both the ends.

CRM and ERP: Make Work Easier Together

In this post, we have discussed the importance of ERP and CRM Integration for a business. Read these points to understand ERP and CRM solutions in relation with each other to know their benefits.

Ensure Stronger and Error-Free Database

We know that there is lot of data entry involved in ERP and CRM but for different purposes. For instance, CRM might use customer contact details for sale or support and ERP might use it for generating invoice. With ERP and CRM Integration, the chances of duplicate entry of data are nil. There is just one data entry which is updated in ERP and CRM solutions. Any modification made in CRM solution will also reflect in ERP and vice versa. This would ensure that the data is stronger and free from errors.

Reduction in IT Costs

Company makes all possible efforts to curtail unnecessary costs. With CRM and ERP integration, the company has to manage and maintain just one system instead of two. Therefore, the company is able to save on its IT cost. With this synergy, there is no requirement for interfaces which is a very big advantage for the company.

Easier Data Sharing and Better Decision Making

CRM and ERP together prove very effective in taking decisions as you have easy and quick reach to the data you need. The time and energy wasted on duplication is saved and your employees are more confident in taking decisions. They have better access to data. They can share, view, and modify data comfortably without hassles of duplication.

Better Visibility for Stronger Forecasting

If ERP and CRM are integrated then the person selling the product at the counter is well aware of the status of stock, processing of invoice and various other things. This brings more clarity and helps in having a better forecast. Because of real time data, anyone can make the forecast in relation with shortage and order.

Optimization of Business Process

It is much easier to input, manage, maintain and modify the data as with ERP and CMS, you don’t have it at different places. By implementing CRM and ERP Solutions together, you can actually optimize your business processes. Your employees can focus more on constructive activities rather than dealing just with data. As a result, This would smoothen and fasten the flow of work and ensure better operations. This will help you grow your business.

Reduction in Cost of Training and Staff

With easier managed data, you can reduce your cost of hiring employees and training them. This is so because you don’t need extra people to do the data entry job at different ends. This is another advantage of ERP and CRM Integration.

Faster Communication

CRM Solutions helps businesses have better interaction with customers. On integrating ERP and CRM solutions, they are further able to accelerate communication. With easy communication, working gets improved. This not only improves the quality of work but also helps in establishing professional relationships.

Helps Understand Customers Better

To have a complete understanding of your customer, all you need is ERP and CRM Integration. This helps in knowing the preferences of customers, know their order history and everything about their buying patterns and dues. ERP and CRM solutions are very much essential in having in-depth insight of customers. This helps in taking customer-centric decisions which contribute in growth of business.

Respond Smartly to Uncertain Situations

If your CRM and ERP are integrated then company is ready to face unpredictable difficult times and take stronger decisions. Therefore, Company is ready to deal with uncertain changes and respond to them quickly.

Have Better Profits

As stated above, company is able to reduce various costs with CRM and ERP Solutions. And this indirectly contributed in increasing the profits for the company. Not only this, the errors in working are reduced, optimum utilization of resources takes place and company grows and make better profits.
If you plan to take your business to new heights, go for ERP and CRM Integration for all the benefits mentioned above.

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